Sustaining and Enhancing Peer Support

A new video from Ontario, Canada features Peer Workers providing integrated Mental Health and Addiction services in a Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). In order to ensure these positions are sustained in the health care system the peer workers, peer supervisors, and the health care leaders are all engaged in ongoing communication and training.

This is one of the best videos on peer support I’ve seen yet.  At one point I had to stop the video to write down a particularly inspirational quote: “It’s not about implementing a program into the system, it’s about fostering a philosophy. It’s about taking the values of peer support of hope, and being person centered, integrity, authenticity, and life-long learning and growth — and living and breathing that. Not only in our one-to-one interactions, but in our interactions with our fellow co-workers, supervisors, executive directors and CEOs. This is the way we communicate with each other to really create a system that genuinely cares for individuals. It’s all of our system.”

I hope you’ll enjoy it and share it with others.



Click to view the video

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