Look, Look Ahead

new year 2018(A belated wish for the new year from our guest blogger, Howard Diamond.)

LOOK, LOOK AHEAD.                               A poem from Howard Diamond

Look, look to the year ahead,
Will it be filled with happiness or dread?
Some are hungry and need to be fed
Or just need a warm comfortable bed.

Look, look ahead towards greatness and joy,
And seek out all that one can enjoy.
Maybe playing with that holiday toy,
Whether you are a girl or a boy.

Look, look ahead and not behind,
Behold life’s wonders that one can find.
This is not a dream in the mind,
There are nice people that are kind.

Look, look ahead when my life is not happy,
Sometimes, I really think it is totally crappy.
See for yourself, I am not always sweet and sappy,
But I try to feel like a bird with its wings flappy.

Look, look ahead and try not to despair,
Life is not perfect, but some people do care.
Take a chance or a risk, if you dare,
Even if you think that life is not fair.

Look, look ahead it is now 2018,
Before we realize it will be 2019.
For every child, every adult and every teen,
Make it the best year we have ever seen.

Howard, a New York State Certified Peer Specialist

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