Connect the Dots

Help us Connect the Dots!

One of the projects of the Academy of Peer Services (APS) is to create a Community of Practice to provide opportunities for Certified Peer Specialists and others in the peer support workforce to connect, communicate, collaborate, educate, and look for new ways to improve the experience of giving and receiving peer support services.

This month, we (researchers within the Academy of Peer Services) launched a study to investigate the sense of community in and among the different roles and areas of the peer support workforce.

We need your help to gather information to connect the dots in the peer support workforce, particularly the sense of belonging (locally, regionally, and statewide) of those in different areas of the state and roles within the workforce. Whether you are a Certified Peer Specialist, a supervisor, a co-worker on a team with peer specialists, or someone just getting started in your role, your responses can help.

Please take our survey and share your personal experience. It will take about 10 minutes. Then, if you are interested, you can also sign up after the survey is complete to join our mailing list and get more involved in the development of our Virtual Community.

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Sense of Community Survey


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