March by Howard Diamond

March right in. Yes, March right in. If you choose, April left out. Of course, I realize that is quite a silly statement. They say in baseball, there is a position called left out, but that is not a fact but is more than having a feeling. It is way we can discount feelings.

For me,  I am trying to separate the facts from  what their insides are telling them. Maybe brain versus heart. Someone must have a better idea. Does anyone have one, I am willing to listen?

During last month, there is a day where feelings get muddled with facts. On February 14, it was Valentine’s Day. For many of us, it is a day set aside for lovers who spend special time together. When my significant other, Maureen was alive, she said February 14, was a day like another and we are supposed to love each other every day. 

Consequently,  for the years Maureen and I were together, (12 not enough), no gifts, no candy and no cards were exchanged on February 14. Also, no flowers were given to each other, it was just an ordinary day, just to be together. Think about this, no chocolate nor sweets.  So is this feelings or facts? Do you agree, or disagree? Decide what might be best for you. Remember I am not here to decide anyone’s ultimate happiness. 

Now we March from February to another exciting month. Awaiting the new season, William Shakespeare wrote , “Beware the Ides of March”. Another famous statement was, March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb”.

Are these truthful ramblings of writers to entice what goes on around us all? Both lines are feelings and not based in facts. Also, coming in March is the beginning of Spring. Although, .so far this winter has been devoid of snow, winter will be ending. That is a fact.

GREAT and FANTASTIC  are my feelings and what I  wish for is no snow ever, On the other side if one goes skiing, they can take snow with them for a white time. Soon, there will be, GREEN GRASS AND NEW LEAVES, REDBIRDS AND CARDINALS SINGING and hopefully, BLUE SKIES AND BLUE WATER EVERYWHERE to adorn us with their beautyDoes this sound wonderful? Share your thoughts.  Furthermore in Spring, it brings the start of the baseball and must see watching for this writer.  LETS GO YANKEES! LETS GO YANKEES!

[Ed. Note: Thank you Howard! It's great to have you writing and marching with us again!]

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