Essential Workers – Share Your Stories

City Voices

Open Letter to “Essential Workers”

First and foremost, if you are reading this, we want you to know that your efforts have not been in vain. In our efforts to honor your work, we at City Voices would like to invite you to share your story…

From the frontlines, to the inner turmoil, we want the world to know your truth. This includes you, whether you are a nurse working strenuous hours servicing patients, someone in the social services or officers trying to uphold the law..

We at City Voices want you to know that you are not alone. We also want others to know how far you put yourself “out there” as an essential worker and how far you are willing to go in order to perform your chosen duty for the greater good.

As we all struggle to adapt to the effects of COVID-19, we must always remember those who go above and beyond to ensure that the motion of society continues to move forward with dignity, no matter the sacrifice or struggle.

This is exactly why City Voices welcomes the loved ones of essential workers to share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns for our loved ones who are selflessly pushing forward, as well.

For those not considered “essential” by the government, we here at City Voices understand what is essential is really a loose and ambiguous term requiring the individual to define it for him or herself experiencing it.

Remote workers: how are you adapting to telehealth communications? 

  • What are some of the differences in providing services in person vs remotely?
  • What are some gaps in care that may have been forced to the service due to our current pandemic?

Whether you have been tech savvy prior to COVID-19 or are now learning to adapt to tech, your story, truth, and experience are what we are seeking for the next issue of City Voices.

We truly want to know what it’s been like for you to push forward and continue the big fight to ensure the care, compassion, and treatment for those you care for or the reasons you may have chosen to step down. Your story means the world to us and can help others who may feel left out or are still unable to grasp the chaos of this pandemic.

Your story can do more than bring you praise and honor. It can save lives and restore hope.

Please consider the following questions:

  1. How have you broken free from isolation?
  2. How do you envision the process of reconnecting with society on new terms? If this is something you have already adapted to, what has it been like for you?
  3. What does life in isolation mean to you? Whether it be by choice or obligation. How has COVID-19 and your duties as an essential worker impacted your profession?
  4. How have you practiced self-care while caring for others?
  5. If you have chosen to step down as an essential worker…why?
  6. How have you balanced essential work and family care?
  7. Do you have any advice, recommendations, or warnings for other essential workers or non-essential workers?
  8. What effect has COVID-19 had on you physically & mentally?
  9. How do you practice, or promote self-care?
  10. Are you aware of just  how important, valuable, and appreciated you are?

Feel free to use these questions as a guiding point but be free to express yourself as you see fit.

City Voices asks for your help to not only reward yourself for your good deeds, but also to help others who may be losing their own internal battle. This is a time to come and stand together as we join forces, stand our ground and push back against that which wishes to destroy humanity.

All submissions can be anonymous or self-disclosed.

Article must be related to mental or behavioral health, a diagnosis, condition, experience, coping abilities or lack thereof, strategies, COVID-19, remote work or loss of belonging due to the disruption of society as we have come to know and understand it prior to COVID-19.

Any submissions for the City Voices newspaper must be free of derogatory language, political outlash, or religious assertions.

Submissions should be sent directly to CITYVOICES1995@GMAIL.COM and

We can also schedule online interviews.

City Voices writer’s guidelines are available on the website: CITYVOICESONLINE.ORG/SUBMIT

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