May is Mental Health Month

May Is Here For Everyone                                               by HOWARD  DIAMOND

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! Of course, I am not abandoning ship. What I am about to say, May is Mental Health Month. Now it is our time to be together, apart. Just as The Turtles sang, “Happy Together “. Although, this concept is quite difficult, we must do this for both our Mental Health and our Physical Health.


In an Army Motto, it is said, “Be all that you can be”. This encompass both togetherness and individuality. Many Peer Specialists like myself, attempt to get others to empower each person one at a time. Ultimately this is helpful in obtaining the greater good for ALL people. “Day By Day”, sung in the musical Godspell, we as Peer Specialists are trying to get better and more  respect in the workforce and in society.


What is respect? Not only is it a song by Aretha Franklin, but one mantra by the peer movement. RESPECT is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something. Remember, respect is earned and is never given. But, you must give  respect to receive respect. Professionals and Peers must do this together as one. Wow, is that what Ms. Franklin meant all along with her song lyrics? Let us ponder?


OKAY, stop pondering and read on. We as people must unite to achieve an everlasting existence.  Yes, yes, as performed my many artists, “PEACE, LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING for all. May is Mental Health Month, but this is applicable each and every month, all the years ahead and beyond. Please, no exceptions. See you in the News (Blog).


HOWARD,  Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island

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