Statement On Protests

Western Mass RLC




by Sera Davidow, Western Mass Recovery Learning Community

Dear Community,

On May 28th, we sent out a statement called ‘Racism & the State of Our World.’ You can view it HERE if you missed it. Since then, tensions have continued to rise, with more and more protests rising up across the nation.

Some have asked, “Now that all four officers have been charged in George Floyd’s murder, why haven’t the protests stopped?” It’s essential to understand that while the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minnesota – along with delays in their arrests – certainly raised us to the boiling point, what’s happening right now is not just about George. It’s about the fact that, in Minneapolis, it has been found that black people are seven times more likely to have police force used against them. And, it’s about the fact that that finding is not at all unique to that city. It is about the fact that black people are at least 2.5 times more likely to be killed by the police than white people. It is about the fact that black people are more likely to be randomly stopped by the police. They are more likely to be convicted if charged with a crime, and more likely to receive harsher sentences. No, these protests are not only about the brutal murder of George Floyd, but about the epidemic of racially motivated violence and police brutality that has been going on in this country for many years, and has led to a long list of lives lost and damaged.

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