Sports is Here, but Will it Last?

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By Howard Diamond

Sports is here, but will it last
No one knows when COVID19 is leaving
Enjoy sports like in the past
As this virus does its bobbing and weaving

Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey
Some sports are about to begin their season
While others are in playoffs to watch on TV
With COVID19 continuing to spread without a reason.

Baseball are using different ways that don’t make sense,
Basketball are playing their games inside a bubble
Football probably will start on time and will be intense
Hockey matches are getting on without any trouble.

Soccer around the world is basically the same
Golf tournaments are proceeding each week
Tennis courts are being used without much fame
Auto racing is around with sound reaching their peak.

Sports is here, but will it last
It is a good image for everyone to see COVID19 is still running through countries very fast
Follow the rules, smart and responsible is the key.

A SPORTS POEM by HOWARD DIAMOND, A Certified Peer Specialist

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