by Howard Diamond 

January 1, 2021

woman wearing a face mask on the subway
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Look, look to the year ahead
COVID19 is about all that was said
Unfortunately thousands of humans are dead
Still not many alternatives to do instead.

Look, look ahead for there is greatness and joy 
Harder to seek out for what we can enjoy
Did we even get a holiday toy
Whether we are a girl or a boy.

Look, look ahead and not behind
Not able to see the wonders of mankind
2020 was real not a dream of the mind
There are still many people that are kind.

Look, look ahead and do not despair
Life is never perfect hard to continue or even care
Difficult to take any risks or able to dare
Even if we believe that life is not fair.

Look, look ahead and not back
Try to achieve what last year did lack
Hopefully we can eat inside, Whopper or Big Mac
Follow President Biden because he is leader of the pack.

Look, look ahead it is now 2021
In 2020 we saw lots of violence especially with people owning a gun
COVID19 took many lives, but remain resilient our work is not done
Let’s try to make this a great year and have some fun.

Howard Diamond is a New York State Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island


WISHING FOR NO MORE COVID-19                

by Howard Diamond

woman in brown dress holding white plastic bottle painting
Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko on Pexels.com

Wishing for no more COVID19 
The worst virus mankind has ever seen
No one saw this coming, it was unforeseen
For too many people, it became extremely mean.

This year COVID19 will actually leave
At least that is what I want to believe
Many others are still needing to grieve
Waiting to see what COVID19 has up its sleeve.

Wishing for no more COVID19 to occur
It did not pass us by like a blur
Too much for all of us to endure
Now it is time that we find a cure.

Outside we continue to wear a mask
Going inside a restaurant is still a task
Some people are still drinking from their flask
No more COVID19 is all that I ask.

Howard Diamond is a New York State Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island 

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