Outside on an August Afternoon


August 1, 2021

beige and black hat near swimming pool
Photo by Jude Stevens on Pexels.com

Sunshine on an August day
Seems familiar from yesterday
Too hot and humid to continue to lay
So in the pool I will stay.

Temperature now about ninety degrees
Due to my allergies I am about to sneeze
At least there is a little breeze
Emanating from the tall trees.

At 3pm, the sky is a royal blue
My friend and I enter the pool that is true
He is swimming laps which is nothing new
Walking back and forth is what I do.

Ninety minutes later still sunny and hot
Enjoying this afternoon a whole lot
Remaining in the pool is what we got
Being in the water hits the spot

Around 530 clouds appear quite high
Time to leave the pool and get dry
Getting closer and hoping they pass by
More of them are occupying the sky.

Clouds overhead are getting dark
Thunder and lightning are making their mark
Lightning is more frequent while thunder continues to hark
Everyone was scurrying to leave the pool and the park. 

As we reached the car it began to rain
All of us running like the gray great dane
The wetness was continuing to gain
Hitting harder against the window pane.

Several minutes later we arrive home 
Moisture against all of the shiny chrome 
Down the block we witness a gnome
While above looks like a wonderful dome.

A poem for an August afternoon from Howard Diamond, a New York State Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island 

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