A Mystery Duo


August 15, 2021

One day in May, a male and female duo were spotted at the front door through the window of Jerry and Ellen Gold. Their relationship to one another and their past history were a total mystery to the Golds, and all were ready for the challenge before them. At this juncture, this mystery duo were too young and too afraid to speak their names. 

They were brought inside to living room and placed on the long burly black leather sofa. Both members of the mystery duo, looked very tired and extremely underfed, so Ellen prepared a light snack and Jerry went to get blankets from the hallway closet to cover them. By the time they returned, the mystery duo were fast asleep.

Around 7am, the next morning, the duo were awaken by the bright blue sky and the radiant sun. In the kitchen, Ellen was fussing over breakfast with Jerry was on the phone with the local police to see if anyone reported the mystery duo lost or perhaps missing. Officer Mike Swanson stated he would check around the neighborhood plus the files and swing by their home later that afternoon.

Who are the mystery twosome? The older one a male has deep sky blue eyes with dark complexion. He is appears to be extremely kind, friendly, gentile and especially adores being in the sunshine while being tickled on his feet and stomach. Visibly, he clearly enjoys the company of his younger compatriot, but at other times he just tolerates her.

As far as the younger female, with peering enormous blue eyes plus large ears to see and hear everything around her. She is extremely fun-loving, playful and often even mischievous. Her passions include attacking flying leaves and glaze at the sunshine or moonlit skies above. For some reason, they both enjoyed watching the baseball game yesterday.

Officer Swanson came by around 4pm and informed the Golds that the duo is still a mystery and for now they can keep them, but the search will continue. After thirty days, if no one claims the pair, courts may decide their fate. Jerry and Ellen explained their position, which Mike already knew, but for Officer Steve Lane, they continued.

A week later, for Memorial Day, they took the mystery duo to the local park where at 9pm there would be fireworks over the lake. The Golds came well prepared, bring plugs for their ears and protective glasses for their eyes. Both frolicked in the grass, were friendly with everyone and tried to eat what was there. Although tired by 9pm, they enjoyed the display of 🎆 🎇 fireworks. On the way home, both were sleeping. When they arrived, one at a time, Jerry carried them to their respective places while Ellen tucked each one in.

May morphed into June and on the eighth, the Golds received a letter to appear in court on June 15 at 2pm sharp. In addition, they were instructed to bring the mystery duo with them. In the actual notice, they were listed in the following way:  Mystery Duo Member Male and Mystery Duo Member Female.

What an honor for each of them.

Now it was June 15 and was almost 2pm and the Golds were very nervous and were both breathing heavily. In the courthouse, male and female members were left outside with Officer Lane. Also, all non-essential individuals, like myself, had to stay out of the room. Judge Martin Bellows presided over the proceedings. After opening remarks and instructions by Judge Bellows, he asked Officer Swanson to stand up and he began asking him questions. Fifteen minutes later, Judge Bellows stated he was finished with Mike and  asked our neighbors on both sides to speak. Upon completion, all were excused. 

Then the judge and court officer left the courtroom to check on  the mystery duo. After returning to the bench, Judge Bellows requested Ellen Gold to stand. She was still nervous, so he slowed down a little and she became calmer while her answers became clearer and more concise. Twenty minutes later, her questioning was over. Officer Swanson was returned for another round of questioning. At that point, Jerry Gold was requested to stand to reply to Judge Bellows. Unexpectedly, he was only asked but four questions. 

Finally, mystery duo member male and mystery duo member female was brought in by Officer Lane. For almost a half an hour, Judge Bellows summarized his thoughts and offered his decisions. Jerry and Ellen Gold were asked to stand while Judge Bellows gave his recommendations. Jerry and Ellen Gold are awarded temporary custody of both Mystery Duo Male and Mystery Duo Female for a period of ninety days. When that period of time is almost complete, we will reconvene here. Also, the Golds were given the authority to name both Male and Female, as they wish.

That day back at home, Ellen and Jerry planned a celebration for the pair of the Mystery Duo and their community. A notice was posted all over and a full page center spread was added to the local paper. The  date was scheduled for June 26th and it would be a catered barbecue at the park from 2pm until 9pm. Contributions can be made and then dropped at the Post Office, the library and the police station by 8pm on the 24th.  Jerry continued and thanked everyone and he planned to see all on the 26th, if not before. All are welcome.

On the 26th, it was an 80 degree sunny day with little humidity or wind. The mayor appeared and stated his office would match what was collected. Amazingly enough over 6,000 dollars were raised and the mayor’s office will send a check to the Gold’s for an additional $7,000. Both Tiger and Bella were around all day for everyone’s entertainment. Oh yes, the mystery duo are CATS which is the mystery of the story. Indeed, CATS are our mystery duo. Tiger and Bella are felines. 

Three months sped by quickly for the Golds and one day in early September, Judge Bellows called to arrange a date to finalize any loose details. It was settled for September 28 at 11am and they were requested to bring Tiger and Bella back to the courtroom.

Judge Bellows began by stating that he wanted both Jerry and Ellen to stand before him. So on this date, September 28, after my careful consideration, with no one objecting and since no person claimed neither Tiger nor Bella, this follow-up and final hearing was convened. Jerry and Ellen remained on their feet while Judge Bellows asked a few more questions. He seemed satisfied with their responses. Then, Judge Bellows made everything official by signing the decree. After the legal terminology, it stated the following:

        Mystery Duo Member Male, now named Tiger and 

        Mystery Duo Member Female, now named Bella, 

        would officially hereby presented to Jerry and 

        Ellen Gold, on this date, September 28.

The accounts written above are totally fiction. No animals or humans 

were injured telling this wonderful story.

We ask, what does this have to do with Mental Health? If someone has animals to be with and tend to, they are most often more relaxed and less symptomatic. Ultimately, having a cat can lead to better physical plus mental health which causes less frequent hospitalizations. Due to this success, more and more individuals and organizations are using service cats as one’s sole means of their emotional support. These cats can go for trainings to better adapt to person(s)involved. For additional questions and information contact:  usserviceanimals.org

See you in the NewsBlogs.

Howard Diamond is a New York State Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island

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