Advance Employment of New Yorkers with Disabilities

(Courtesy NYAPRS E-News)

October 21, 2021

NYAPRS Note: Advocates for people with disabilities called on NYS government to implement a sweeping package of policy reforms aimed at increasing employment among New Yorkers with disabilities at a joint NYS Assembly committee hearing in Albany yesterday. NYAPRS COO Len Statham’s powerful testimony focused in particular on strategies identified by the Employment Committee of New York’s Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council (MISCC). See the full text of our testimony below for details.

Other MISCC committees have been working to promote deinstitutionalization, community services and supports and an updating of New York’s 2013 Olmstead Plan. See the attached presentation that Council members gave at the most recent September 29th MISCC meeting and learn more about the MISCC at

NYAPRS Testimony by Len Statham, Chief Operating Officer, NYAPRS

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