by HOWARD DIAMOND (November 5, 2021)

[Editor’s Disclaimer, the following article presents one perspective on Thanksgiving. For an alternate perspective, please read the National Day of Mourning, an annual protest organized and held since 1970. For those of us who are celebrating Thanksgiving, may we also remember the Native ancestors and the struggles of Native Americans today.]


GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, Halloween has past

People ate candy like there will be no tomorrow 

Taking stock of our lives cause it goes by very fast 

Let us make November a month without sorrow.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, each year we get out and vote

Sometimes it is for the President of the United States

Candidates striving to be a hero and less like a goat

To make our country strong without any borders or gates.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, where veterans are remembered

Fighting around the globe for our continual freedom 

Protecting everyone from our foes and never surrendered 

Using all of the strength and all of the wisdom.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, remembering my dad

Dying forty years ago this month on the 23rd

Always wishing that were more years to be had

Mostly he was the one who carved the holiday bird.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, dreaming of a world without fear

A concept of humanity that is too far to touch 

Holding hands with family and friends who are precious and dear

Really is this asking everyone in the world too much?

GOBBLE GOOBLE GOBBLE, ready to give our thanks

Do we even know what we are grateful for

Some of us have money in various banks

While others have little and are very poor.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, let us focus on turkey

Filling our stomachs with all that we dare

Focusing on the positive of what needs to be

Spending the day with those that care.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, plenty leftovers to eat

Getting through the period without any pains

Finishing last month by going trick or treat

Almost another month is done and only one remains.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE,  the last month begun

Pacing the day in a sequence making it easier to get through

Wrapping each gift one at a time needs to get done

Ending the year playing Auld Lang Syne to bring in 2022.

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE, remember to “Stuff the bird, not yourself”

It is a good idea to be courteous and not to eat like the locals hogs

Remain truthful to others plus more importantly to oneself

Instead read poems plus articles and I’ll see you in the NewsBlogs.


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