Winter Wellness Planner

(December 1, 2021) Words of Wellness: Co-Editors Peggy Swarbrick and Pat Nemec

11th Annual Winter Wellness Planner

Our annual Winter Wellness Planner is back for the 11th year!

The Winter Wellness Planner is one of the most popular wellness tools that can be used individually, with a supporter, or in a group. During the winter months, people may experience extra stress, due to changes in the weather, the light, and personal routines that shift during winter holidays and gatherings.  In this 16-page planner, you will find a series of worksheets that prompt you to think about your wellness habits and routines in the 8 dimensions, and how you can maintain or strengthen your wellness habits and routines throughout the winter months.

You can download your free Winter Wellness Planner!

You can also download the December Words of Wellness

Winter Wellness Tips

Nourishment:  During the darker longer days and often hectic pace during the last month of the year, it is important to remember to nourish yourself. Nourishing your body with good healthy food and nourishing your mind with uplifting thoughts can help alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety.

Wellness Resources: We are happy to share the wellness resources we have developed at the Wellness Institute and with our other partners in wellness. These are all free for your personal use or to use to support others.

Wellness Institute at

  • Five Steps for Mental Health and Physical Health: A two-page flyer with simple easy-to-use tips.
  • Wellness Inventory: A workbook for reflecting on your own wellness strengths and habits.
  • Physical Wellness Booklet: A workbook with activities and ideas to support your health.
  • Wellness in 8 Dimensions: A workbook to help you assess your strengths in each of the eight dimensions and to set goals that you want to achieve. Also available from the Solutions Suite, below.

Solutions Suite for Health and Recovery at

This site has two sections. One is focused on Integrated Health and Mental Health Care. The other is focused on Self-Directed Recovery. The site is worth exploring since there’s so much there, we can’t list everything. Some resources that we recommend include:

  • Building Financial Wellness: A curriculum and participant guide to help better manage finances.
  • Wellness Activities Manual: A set of 11 group activity sessions focused on wellness.
  • Journaling: A wellness tool: A guide to ways of using a journal to support your wellness.
  • Physical Wellness for Work: Activities to boost your health and be more productive at work.

Wellness in Recovery (WinR) at

·         Wellness Quiz: An online adaptation of the Wellness Inventory (above).

·         Wellness Tip of the Month: Information, tools, and resources you can use.

While you’re on the WinR site, check out the pages that are designed for:

  • people in recovery.
  • families and other supporters
  • peer support and other professionals helping others achieve long-term recovery.

Stay tuned during 2022, as we continue to add new resources.

References and Resources

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