Caregiver Survey

(On behalf of Katherine Ponte and ForLikeMinds) December 6, 2021

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DEAR BIPOLAR PEERS, I need your help to reach your caregivers. We all know that our highs and lows and ups and downs can be hard for us and our caregivers – the worry, the fear, the uncertainty we share, our caregivers wanting to help, but not knowing how to. It was true for me and my caregiver. I like to say that I live with bipolar, but my loved one does too. He is critical to me and my well-being. He notices my symptoms before I do. He’s my first line of defense in addressing things before they escalate. I think our bipolar caregivers need a little more credit for the difficult role they play. I want to help you and your caregivers, so I teamed up with a leading global bipolar scholar to identify and analyze our caregiver concerns. We want to better understand the support our caregivers need and what would be helpful to them so that they may be the best supporters to us possible. We are hoping that through the power of shared lived experience and academic study, we can increase awareness of the support needs of people living with bipolar and our caregivers. We’re surveying our caregiver needs. It’s anonymous too. We promise to try to call much more needed attention to our shared needs. We are hoping to provide insights that could help people living with bipolar and their families reach recovery together. When families work together, bipolar does not stand a chance against us.
Please pass this along to your caregivers so that they may consider this opportunity. All you need to do is forward this newsletter/email to them.
A heartfelt thanks to my wonderful bipolar peers,

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