Racism A ‘Public Health Crisis’

(January 3, 2022) Reposted from NYAPRS ENews

NYAPRS Note: New York State and City governments are launching a number of long awaited actions aimed at addressing the impact of racism as a public health crisis.

  • Several weeks ago, the NYC Council passed a resolution called on the department to work with other agencies to root out systemic racism within policies, plans and budgets on a wide range of matters that affect health, including land use, transportation and education. It also directed the department to improve data-collection practices and examine both the health code and its own history for structural bias.
  • NYS Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed a package of bills last month aimed at addressing racial injustice and promoting racial equity in the state. Among them is a new law that officially declares racism a public health crisis and establishes a “racial equity working group” within the state department of health to make recommendations for legislative action.

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