Secrets of Getting Things Done

(January 12, 2021) By Howard Diamond

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Does anyone out there have any secrets? Do we keep secrets from our children? How about our parents? Are there secrets that we keep from our spouses? Oh, that is a secret, too! 

In the majority of situations, people keep many secrets from each other. Not a good idea, but we do it anyway.

People with Mental Health Issues finding out and keeping secrets are exceedingly difficult. However, Supervisors and Peer Specialists need to keep a form of secret, called Confidentiality plus medical and psychiatric information called HIPAA. Also, there is another secret. It is the secret of getting things done.

It is the expectation of something desired. For example, it also motivates a manufacturer to build a profitable business. Did we figure out this word? Perhaps, no one. Okay, this term is “hope” and it will alleviate some of our pressures of day to day living. After a short break, we are able to get things done. When it comes to learning, how to motivate oneself for any purpose or how to motivate others requires patience. Also, we need to try our hardest to assist each other to achieve all the goals that life has to offer.

One can also try a different approach. That leaves the notion of motivating ourselves. Sometimes called self-motivation. Yes, it might be difficult. Hey, it is better than picking an idea out of the air. Of course, when one is a magician, one can pull a rabbit out of a hat. Since most of us are not magically inclined, we need to find alternatives. 

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Maybe, with a series of simple suggestions from a Peer Specialist like myself, then we can be motivated to move ahead and get things done. In most cases, it is better for us to attempt to do something than nothing at all. Proven over a period of time, when one does not try to succeed, we probably will fail. Try it, we might like it. Often times, with a little encouragement and empowerment, Peers can often assist when we are struggling or having problems motivated ourselves enough to do anything about this. 

Motivated and the secret of getting things done can be triggered by making choices that demonstrate to ourselves that we are in control. Each specific choice we make matters less than the declaration of self-control. It’s this feeling of self-determination that gets us going. In addition, this goes further than simply self-control. It requires us to be invested. In addition,  it is an affirmation of our values and goals.

From me to everyone out there, I want to share a relatively simple secret idea to possibly get us motivated and feel a sense of fulfillment. Please sit down, it might be easier. Once comfortable, try to write oneself a to-do list which will tell us the things we intend to accomplish. Some of these items become acceptable and makes it seem like they were already done. Write this letter as if we needed our motivation to increase while doing something we wanted to do and perhaps the possibility was already accomplished. Can anyone recall this special secret? At the end, I will repeat this. Patience everyone, patience! 

My thought is that most people want to get things done, but some don’t and some are afraid. Any of these ways are perfectly okay by me and hopefully most of us agree, too. Procrastination is key word here. It means the action of delaying or postponing a situation. Importantly, it is NOT a mental health diagnosis. There are a multitude of individuals around the world who procrastinate before getting things finished. To aid these folks, Peer Specialists often break these actions into smaller, feasible sections, so it is possible to be less scared and begin to get things done.

Acronym of KEY. Believe in yourself written in chalk on a blackboard .

Remember, this is our desire for self-preservation, self-motivation and most importantly this is for ourselves. Peer Specialists can and may assist here by our lived experience with sharing and getting a variety of things completed. The secret of getting the things we want completed is to start NOW! There is no time like the present, so this art of the secret of getting things done.


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Howard Diamond is a Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island 

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