March 7, 2022 by Howard Diamond

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Winter Days Winter Nights
All these wonderful sights
Take a walk outside to remain fit and lean
Maybe another snow event will be seen.

Some mornings have snow swirling around
Many don’t want this hitting the ground
Others want the snow to reach new heights
Throughout the winter days winter nights

The sun continues to go around the moon
Midday arrives as it is almost noon
Gusty winds prevent us flying our kites
All these winter days winter nights

Shorter daylight hours during winter days
Less opportunities for enjoying sun’s rays
Its brisk outdoors to observe the lights
During these winter days winter nights

Clearing night skies to see lots of stars
Not possible to see the planet Mars
The sky is full of wondrous delights
Enjoying the winter days winter nights

Soon there will be signs of Spring
Birds flying using their respective wing
Struggling to survive without many fights
Ending this year of winter days winter nights

A winter poem by Howard Diamond, a New York State Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island

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