Random Act by a Peer Specialist, Part 9

June 1, 2023 by Howard Diamond (this is the 9th part in a multiple part series)

When Is Progress Is Not Fast Enough

A few weeks later, towards the end of July, it was the third consecutive 90 degree day in Lake Town and the natives were restless. This is especially true for Ruth. Little by little, she has been taking off her heavy pain and other medications, but the effects of the bullet pieces are apparent. Although this incident was about three weeks prior, on occasion she has problems putting thoughts together, but she is trying very hard to improve.

Good news was that Ruth is presently able to walk with only a small limp and most days without a cane with four prongs to get around. During the last few nights, she has become exceedingly fidgety and at times, she starts to mumble, but they are not words, just sounds. She continued seeing her therapist, Jane, weekly which still helps her. Bad news, Ruth began getting lots of prank phone calls while the mysteryman repeated obsessively over and over again, BEWARE THE STREETS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ONCE MORE! REMEMBER, I STILL KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. BEWARE THE STREETS”.

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