Five Competency Areas for Telehealth Peer Support (ThPS) Infographic

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Five Competency Areas for Telehealth Peer Support (ThPS) Infographic

1 – Outreach & Engagement


  1. Outreaching people who could benefit from peer support
  2. Orienting people to peer support
  3. Re-engaging with people less connected during COVID

2 – Communication Techniques


  1. Demonstrating empathy
  2. Using active listening & reflective responding skills
  3. Asking open-ended questions
  4. Summarizing the meeting/discussion
  5. Planning for the next meeting/discussion
  6. Scheduling the next meeting/discussion
  7. Developing follow-up steps

3 – Providing/Linking to Needed Supports & Services


  1. Referring people to crisis response teams
  2. Referring people to warmlines/hotlines
  3. Identifying healthcare providers
  4. Referring people to healthcare providers
  5. Connecting people to virtual support groups
  6. Facilitating virtual support groups

4 – Documentation & Technology


  1. Completing documentation
  2. Submitting documentation online
  3. Using technology to engage one-on-one
  4. Supporting the person to engage one-on-one digitally/virtually
  5. Accessing the Electronic Health Record

5 – Wellness Promotion & Health Literacy


  1. Providing health information
  2. Teaching others how to access health information
  3. Teaching health promotion skills

Fall 2021 ThPS Learning Collaborative & Training Series

13 NYPSCB-approved Continuing Education (CE) hours!

ONE 1-Hour Session: Overview of Telehealth Peer Support and TechTeaching

SIX 2-Hour Learning Collaborative Sessions:

  1. The Competencies of Telehealth Peer Support
  2. Outreach & Engagement Strategies
  3. Communication Techniques
  4. Providing/Linking to Needed Supports & Services
  5. Documentation & Technology
  6. Wellness Promotion & Health Literacy

Based on the New York State Telehealth Peer Support (ThPS) Workgroup and the results of surveys of telehealth peer support for Peer Support Specialists and Telehealth Peer Support for Managers/Supervisors of Peer Support Specialists.

Funded by OMH OCA Peer Support Workforce and Education Grant
Managed by Rutgers School of Health Professions

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