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Never About Us Without Us: Emergency Preparedness

Never About Us Without Us: Emergency Preparedness May 15-19 2023|1 - 3:30 PM Join DRNY and experts from around the country; including people with lived experience, bioethicists, civil rights advocates, educators, and attorneys, for a comprehensive, one-week webinar series about the urgent need to include people with disabilities in emergency preparedness planning. WHEN: May 15th-19thContinue reading "Never About Us Without Us: Emergency Preparedness"

Seasonal Wellness Planning

Seasonal Wellness Planning May 15, 2023|2 - 3:30 PM Our wellness needs change as the seasons do. Physiological, environmental, and social factors all create challenges and opportunities at varying points throughout the year. In this workshop, we will learn how to self-assess our changing needs and explore creative solutions for addressing them throughout all fourContinue reading "Seasonal Wellness Planning"