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Open Discussion: Maintaining “Peerness While Working”
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(Recorded on March 31, 2017)

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(Bold indicates top ten selected in the survey and in-person focus groups)

  • Advocacy (personal, professional, system level) – creating and distribution petitions
  • Art and creative expression as a tool for peer support
  • Boundaries that make sense for peer values
  • Cultural humility and honoring diversity
  • Disclosure of our personal stories and how to inspire hope
  • Ethics and peer support values – what would you do?
  • Facilitating online support groups and discussion forums
  • Growing as  peer specialist and as a person
  • Healing relationships
  • Mentoring other peer specialists
  • Networking (with peer specialists and/or supervisors in similar settings)
  • Nutrition and mental health
  • Outreach skills
  • Peerness (maintaining the peer perspective while offering services)
  • Peer support and the criminal justice system
  • Public speaking (sharing passion, interest, opinions, and calls to action)
  • Real world issues… what you’re facing at work now and what other peers have done to resolve similar issuesResources (keeping up with emerging opportunities)
  • Spirituality
  • Stigma reduction through education
  • Substance use and peer support
  • Supervision and workplace relationships
  • Support groups (for similar interests / those who work in similar settings)
  • Suicide intervention skills / post-vention after someone takes their life
  • Think tank / respectful exchange of ideas and a task force on peer issues
  • Updates (keeping up with emerging issues)
  • Veteran peer support issues
  • Wellness (whole health self-care / supporting others)

“How would you define a successful virtual community?”
NYC Peers attending the 10th annual conference said,
“A place where people can find support and get help with issues related to work.”
“People freely share their passions, ideas, interests, opinions, and calls to action.”
“People helping people.”

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