Research (Past)

Past Studies (Archive) 

This is a historical record of research studies that have been promoted through the Academy of Peer Services Virtual Community.

Sense of Community in the Peer Support Workforce

Help Connect the Dots!

connect the dots

The Academy of Peer Services research team is investigating the sense of community in various parts of the peer support workforce in New York State. The survey is open to anyone (peer or non-peer) with a role in the peer support workforce (peer specialists, peer recovery advocates, supervisors, program coordinators, co-workers, etc…)

By responding to the survey you will help us understand the current state of the peer support workforce and how we can work together toward improving peer support services for all.


New York City
Provider/Organization Survey

To better understand the current condition of the New York City workforce, the NYC Peer and Community Health Workforce Consortium requests that directors, managers or program coordinators in NYC complete this survey for their programs.


Stress and the Peer Specialist

Do you currently work as a peer support provider?
​If so, your perspective on work-related stress is needed.


Are you a supervisor of peer specialists?

If you are a supervisor of peer workers, we want to hear from you! The 16 question survey takes, on average, 7 minutes to complete. The results will be used to create guidance on supervising peer workers. The survey will close on February 28, 2018.

Please consider completing this and/or sending this out to your professional network. Thanks!


Researchers that often seek peer participants

Researchers often seek participants for research studies or as reviewers on publications related to peer support services. Check with the following institutions for opportunities to participate in current (or planned) peer-related research or to review pending journal articles and reports. For more, click a title to access the website and contact the program directly.


Boston University
Institute of Translational Health
National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment (NCSE)
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Rutgers University
Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion
Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH)