Course Management

1. Register for Courses

The Course Catalog is where you “shop” for courses you want to take and register for them.

Step 1: Go to the Academy of Peer Services:

  • If you are not already logged in, click Log in (upper right button) to log in.
  • If you are already logged in, click Dashboard (upper right button).

Step 2: On the Navigation bar click Register for Course.

The Course Catalog window opens with an alphabetical list of all of the courses.

There are three ways to search for courses in the Course Catalog:

  • Scroll (alphabetically) through the full list of courses to find the course you want.
  • Use the “Search field” in the heading to search for a course by topic or title.
  • Use the “Advanced Filters” in the heading to search for Core, Elective, or Supervision courses.

Step 3: To find a course using the Search field, enter a title or topic, such as Trauma and click the green Find Course.

After clicking Find Course, any courses that match the search term will appear in the Search window.

Step 4: To find a course by category, click the green Advanced Filters link (below the Find Course button).

A drop down under the All Categories menu allows you to select the courses by three categories: Core, Elective, or Supervision.

Depending on the choice you make, the corresponding courses appear in the Search window.

Step 5: Click Info on one of the courses to learn more.

A new screen opens with the Pre-Requisites (if any), the Learning Path (if any), the category (Core, Elective, Supervision), a description of the course, seat time, and the option to close the window or add the course to your cart (choose it).

Step 6: Click Add to Cart if this is a course you want to register to take.

Repeat steps 3-6 to find and add to the cart any other courses you want to register to take.

Step 7: Click Proceed to Checkout (in the upper right corner of the screen).

The number of courses you have added to the cart will be reflected in the icon.

A Course Confirmation window opens. Verify the courses listed in the Course Confirmation are the ones you want to take.

Step 8: Click Confirm to register for the courses. A separate confirmation email is sent for each course.

*At this time, all Academy of Peer Services courses are offered free of charge by the New York State Office of Mental Health

2. Take a Course

Step 1: Click Dashboard.

The courses you have registered to take will appear in the list of Active Courses.

Step 2: Click the title of any course, which will open a new window.

Here you can choose to:

  • Start the course
  • Take the Posttest
  • Complete the Course Evaluation

You can also select four different Accessible versions of the course, created for people who use adaptive technology like screen magnifiers, screen readers, or who use closed captions.

Step 2: Complete the course.

In order to receive a certificate for the course, you must successfully pass the Posttest with a score of 75% or higher and complete the Course Evaluation.

Step 3: Print a certificate.

In the Dashboard, each completed course appears in the Completed Courses window. To receive a certificate, click the title of the course to download a certificate of completion.

Be sure to save the completion certificates for each course.

3. Withdraw from a Course

After you register for courses, you can change your mind about taking one or more of them.

Step 1: Click Withdraw from Course in the left Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Click Request New Drop (upper left corner of the screen).

A drop down menu opens.

Step 3: Choose the course title and reason for withdrawing from the drop down menus.

  • Click Save to complete the request
  • Click Close to cancel the request.

Repeat steps 2-3 for each course you want to drop. When you are done, the courses you have dropped will be listed.

Step 4: Verify the course is no longer listed in the Active Courses.