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Thank you for your interest in posting an opening on our Virtual Community site. This site is for the peer support workforce in New York State, and it is funded by the New York State Office of Mental Health through the Academy of Peer Services job training program.

If your posting is for a peer specialist (or related) position, we welcome your contribution! We also gladly post positions for supervisors, program managers, administrators of peer programs (any role within the peer support workforce). Just a few steps to get started…

Step 1: Register with the State Dept. of Labor

If you have not already done so, register the job with the New York State Department of Labor before submitting it to this Job Bank. The Governor’s Employment First initiative is tracking the number of people with disabilities who are being hired, and openings for peer specialist and related positions that require having a lived experience should be counted in this initiative.

Click here for the New York State Dept. of Labor NY Talent Bank. https://nytalentbank.labor.ny.gov/talent/login.aspx

Step 2: Submit to our Job Bank (here)

To submit a job opening to our Job Bank, send an email using the following format:

Location (city or county)
Job Title

Job Description
(The job description can be a link to another website, or pasted into the body of the email, or attached as a Word or PDF file). Be sure to include contact information.


Learn More: The Governor’s Employment First Initiative

The Governor’s Programs to Hire Persons/Veterans with Disabilities consist of two specialized programs. These programs are coordinated efforts to place individuals with disabilities in entry-level State jobs. No initial written or oral examinations are required for appointment. You must however, submit a formal application and a medical evaluation may be necessary for program certification.

New York State Civil Service Law, Section 55-b authorizes the New York State Civil Service Commission to designate up to 1,200 positions in the non-competitive class to be filled by qualified people with disabilities. Additionally, Section 55-c of the law authorizes the designation of up to 500 positions in the non-competitive class to be filled by qualified wartime veterans with disabilities.

Visit the New York State Dept. of Labor Workers with Disabilities site to learn more:  https://www.cs.ny.gov/dpm/workersdisabilities.cfm


For more information about the Job Bank, send email to academy.virtual.community@gmail.com.