New Users (Register)

Welcome to the Academy of Peer Services!  We hope you enjoy your experience with us. These are the steps to register and sign up for courses.

Step 1: Access the Academy of Peer Services:

Step 2: Click Log in – upper right corner of the screen.

The login screen opens.

Step 3: Click Create new account.

A registration form opens.

Step 4: Answer all of the questions, particularly those marked with a red dot. They are required.

Note: The third box, Email/Username is the email address you will use for all communication with the Academy. It will also be your username. To keep your official records straight, only one email per registered user is allowed. 

Skip the Community Corrections questions. These are for a different user group.

Step 5: Click the box labeled, “I’m Not a Robot.”

Note: When you click the box, a picture puzzle may open to solve. After you successfully solve the puzzle, the green check mark as shown above will appear.

Step 6: Review the Usage Terms then click Register.

Note: If the registration jumps back to the top of the form, there may be an unanswered or incomplete question. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen (as shown below) to describe any error messages.

Correct or complete any incomplete questions.

Once the registration form has been successfully submitted, an email will be sent to the email address you provided with your username and a temporary password.

Step 7: Use the temporary password in the email to log in (See steps for Returning User Login) or to reset your password from within the system (See steps to Change Your Password).

Step 8: From the Registration window, the system Dashboard opens with 10 Active courses (preregistered courses) as shown below. Click the Logout button and use the temporary password in the email that was sent to you to log back in.