Welcome to the Academy of Peer Services Virtual Learning Community!
This is a place for members of the peer support workforce in New York State (and beyond) to connect, communicate, and collaborate!

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The Virtual Community is a project of the Academy of Peer Services; a joint venture of the New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS) and Rutgers University School of Health Professions (SHP) with funding from the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH).


Academy of Peer Services Calendar  for 2018/2018

Term 3 Opens 8/27/18 and Closes 11/23/18

Term 1 Opens 1/7/19 and Closes 3/29/19
Term 2 Opens 4/29/19 and Closes 7/19/19
Term 3 Opens 8/26/19 and Closes 11/29/19

New York State Peer Specialist Certification Board

The Academy of Peer Services is separate from, but works in collaboration with, the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board to ensure quality education, training, and professional development of the peer support workforce in New York State.