Timothy Brown

(October 26, 2021 – Courtesy Adam Black)

Timothy Brown, poet

Timothy Brown, a Westchester County-based poet and peer, has recently published two books of poetry, Poetic Madman and Twisted Rage. More information can be found on Tim’s website, timothyspoetry.com. Tim’s website has poems and other writings of his, recorded readings of his work, a link to get in contact via email (which Tim eagerly welcomes), and more. 

Tim is a poet since childhood; his work deals with a variety of themes with a focus in particular on mental health challenges and resilience. When Tim found himself confined at home by COVID beginning in March 2020 he decided to use this time to pursue his long-held ambition of publishing a book of his work–so far he has completed two!  Please take the opportunity to learn more about Timothy Brown and his work on his website, and any purchases you make will support this talented local artist.

I write about my experiences in the mental health system. I write about everything, good and bad. I don’t sugarcoat what I have to say. I have had people come to me and thank me for putting what they would like to say–but cannot–into words. My goal is to reach my peers, my practitioners, families and those who are interested in getting to know us and understand us. I believe I can be a voice for many people.

   – Timothy Brown

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