Word of Wellness

Courtesy Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey
(November 1, 2021)

Editors: Peggy Swarbrick and Pat Nemec

In this edition–  (open PDF)

  • Enhancing Immune Health
  • Gratitude
  • World Kindness Day

A collaboration between staff from Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, Inc. and researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy led to the development of an Enhancing Immune Health manual. We’ve designed this material specifically to educate people who wish to understand and enhance their immune health. This manual will become part of the UIC Solutions Suite, and its modules can be used alone or together to teach a five-week class on improving immunity. The modules are:

  • What is Immune Health?
  • Vaccination & Health Screening for Improved Immunity
  • Adequate Sleep for Immune Health
  • Managing Stress for Stronger Immunity
  • Functional Foods, Immunity Aids, & Finding Credible Health Information

Each module is written using an “Explain, Evaluate, and Engage” framework:

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