Baseball and Spring Are a Remarkable Pair

April 15, A Poem by Howard Diamond

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Baseball is back for all to watch
Spring is a fun time to go outside and play
Take out our gloves and let’s have a catch
Blossoming flowers are here to stay.

Mets and Yankees are in spring training
June brides, May flowers and April showers
Baseball and Spring are a remarkable pairing
Showing their strengths and their powers.

Each player does what it takes to get ready
Holidays of Easter and Passover will be here soon
Swinging their bats and hitting the ball steady
Enjoy spring and baseball by whistling a happy tune.

Pete Alonzo hits the ball hard and it goes far
Daydreaming in daylight without even a care
He is a consistent player and a Mets all-star
Baseball and spring are a remarkable pair.

Aaron Judge is the Yankees main masher
Starting to spend quality hours outdoors
His all-star years have been as team’s basher
Glad he is on my team and not on yours.

Pursue an activity to do this time of year
Spending time to be with our friends and talk
Rooting for our favorite team with less fear
Planning a good idea to take a long walk.

Trying to go outside and enjoy the weather
Summer will be here before we know it
Seeing our lawns get greener and better
Reading on the boardwalk to think and sit.

Spring is only three months not very fair
Baseball is 162 games each planned for nine
Baseball and spring are a remarkable pair
Each year they come together and that’s fine.

A poem by  HOWARD DIAMOND, Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island. 

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