Academy of Peer Services Team

Click on the images to read team members’ information.

Ken Gill
Project Director
Amy Spagnolo
Project Manager
Rita Cronise
Instructional Designer
Athena Anderson
Instructional Designer

Michelle Longmore
Instructional Designer
Karen Richards
Instructional Designer
Maryam Husamudeen
User Support Specialist
Varsha Kamat
Web & Data Analyst

Advisory Council

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Lori Ashcraft
Resilience, Inc.
Ivanna Bond
The NYC Peer Workforce Coalition
Carlton Whitmore
Celia Brown
OMH Office of Consumer Affairs
Tanya Stevens
Len Statham
Denise Ranaghan
Independent Practice
Jonathan Edwards
Gita Enders
NYC Health & Hospitals
Sara Goodman
Baltic Street
Steve Miccio
Yumi Ikuta

Oscar Jiménez-Solomon
Columbia University Medical Center
Cheryle Hinds Leslie
Riverdale Mental Health
Chacku Matthai

Scott McDonald
Bronx Psychiatric Center

Click the link below for a list of over 80 subject matter experts who have been involved in the design, development, and delivery of the Academy of Peer Services online courses and webinars.

Subject Matter Experts

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The Academy of Peer Services is open during Spring, Fall, and Winter terms each year,
and is accessible (through free enrollment) to anyone with a role in the peer support workforce
– in New York State and beyond. Click the links below to access the main site and resources related to the online courses and support.

Term 1 Open 1/7/22 Close 4/1/22

Term 2 Open 5/2/22 Close 7/22/22

Term 3 Open 8/29/22 Close 11/18/22

(Tentative Special Session: 12/5/22 – 1/13/23)

Term 1 Open 1/30/23 Close 4/21/23

Term 2 Open 5/22/23 Close 8/18/23

Term 3 Open 9/12/23 Close 12/1/23