June Wellness Institute Calendar

June 1, 2022 (Reprinted from Wellness Institute of CSPNJ, Peggy Swarbrick, Editor)


June Memories
What pops into your mind when you think of the
month of June? Memories are very individual and
it’s hard to know what makes some experiences
stick. Sometimes a smell can prompt a memory,
like the smell of fresh-cut grass or a just-picked
strawberry. What is a good memory?

Month-Long Celebrations
June is Great Outdoors Month! Endorsed by the
federal government and many states, celebrating
the great outdoors is good for your health and
your peace of mind.

In past years, the National Park Service and the
US Department of the Interior have promoted this
month as a time to visit public lands and
appreciate the amazing world around you.
Want some other ways to enjoy the outdoors?
Check out your local Audubon Society to learn
about birds in your area. Learn about bird songs
through Cornell University.

Follow the path of the moon, stars, and planets
with EarthSky.

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