July 17, 2022

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Everybody tends to follow the Holidays distinctly. Why is this any different for Holly? This day Holly Stephens, Peer Specialist is meandering through the aisles in the local department store and deciding what to buy for others. She has a short list of six, which does not include her mom and dad plus her older brother, Andrew. Her mom and dad live down south and her brother’s place of residency is unknown. In most years, her brother was probably galivanting somewhere in the European Countryside. Holiday time is separate for Holly and Andrew. Wherever he is, he will connect with his sister.

For Thanksgiving day and weekend, Holly spent time relaxing at home, listening to music, without her phone or watching TV. On Sunday night, she realized there was a message. It was her Director, Taylor Thompson who left a message to call him back even if it is Sunday night. Weekend was officially over. When she phoned him, she was informed that one of their client’s was raped and her young son was killed. No names were given yet. The police department have been investigating since around 6 pm. Taylor also said he would meet her at 9:30 AM at the Hunter Mental Health Center where they both work.

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That night Holly tossed and turned trying to figure out who this was. HMHC has many clients that fit this, but without more information, she cannot come with an answer. Finally, she fell asleep after 3 am and woke up around 7 am to begin her new day. She showered to feel better for her day ahead. As scheduled she met with Taylor and they discussed what transpired last night. Taylor is 6 feet 4 inches, about 220 lbs., short wavy light brown hair with a few gray ones for good measure and often tanned but is naturally olive skinned and is out in the sun when he can.

Around 10 am, Taylor got buzzed by his secretary, Steve Washington, who is 6 foot 2 inches with matching dark brown hair and eyes and stated there was a call from the police. Senior Officer Alex Grey informed Taylor that the victim has two business cards from both Taylor and Holly. In addition, she has a concussion and barely remembers what happened or her name. Currently, she is sedated and is in Room 303 at the Lake Town Community Hospital. Holly phoned the hospital and found out that the visiting hours are from 10 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm. Chimes in the hallway signified it was 11:00 am and Taylor and Holly proceeded to the hospital.

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