August Wellness Institute Calendar

July 29, 2022 (Provided by Peggy Swarbrick)

Monthly Celebrations for August

Happiness Happens Month: 

Established by the Society of Happy People, this month-long celebration is a time to feel good ! Plan to do activities that bring you joy and lift  your mood?

National Win With Civility Month: 

Dr. P. M. Forni, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, specialized in civility suggests “the quality of our lives depends upon the quality of our relationships.” Remind yourself all month to follow his 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct.

Week 1: August 1-6

August 1-7 

National Bargain Hunting Week: Founded by Debbie Keri-Brown, whose father worked in the garment industry in NYC. She later wrote two books on bargain hunting in Ohio.

August 2 

National Coloring Book Day: Coloring can be a great stress reliever for emotional and intellectual wellness! This day was established by Dover Publications, which offers many options for coloring books!

Week 2: August 7-13

August 7 

Friendship Day: This day was first established by Hallmark Cards, as a special day to appreciate friends. A great idea!  Sending a card, calling, texting, or visiting a friend can strengthen your social wellness

August 8 

National Dollar Day: Spend or save a dollar but, either way, celebrate the day the US established its monetary system in 1786. Here’s a fun activity: Next time you have a one-dollar bill handy, check out Where’s George? You enter the serial number of the bill to see where it’s been and to follow where it goes next!

August 8 

National Zucchini Day: Have you ever grown zucchini? Or had a neighbor with a zucchini patch? If so, you know that they often produce a generous crop! Tom Roy, from Pennsylvania, started the idea for this special day, which he originally called “Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night.” Zucchini bread is a delicious way to use up all those extra vegetables! Good for physical wellness!

August 9 

National Book Lovers Day: The origin of this day remains a mystery. Speaking of mysteries, you can probably find one at your local library, along with books on just about any subject. You can get free audiobooks, too. Many libraries can help you download to your smartphone. Strengthens your intellectual wellness!!

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