Drunk on Too Much Life

Late August Reflections and Happenings

August 28, 2022 (Sascha Altman DuBrul from Underground Transmissions)

Hey friends and allies – welcome to my Underground Transmissions Substack. I hope it reaches your eyes through the ever shifting email filters. All things considered we’ve had a sweet Summer here in Oakland with a garden full of cucumbers and tomatoes and beans and beets (and little baby papayas!) Our twins, Lilah and Silas, just turned one year old and Alice has been working for Morning Edition at NPR as an editor. My therapy practice has been experiencing a Summer Slump because I’m still learning how to run a private practice, so I’m working on doing more outreach to find new clients and I’ll be teaching workshops in the Fall. This newsletter is part of that, please share it with your people!

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  • An announcement for a September Transformative Mental Health Practices (T-MAPs) online workshop which I’d love for you to join!
  • A window into IDHA’s Crisis as Catalyst online training series

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