September Wellness Institute Calendar

September 1, 2022 (Submitted by Peggy Swarbrick and Pat Nemec – co-editors)

Classical Music Month
Many classical pieces are familiar to us—whether
from attending a performance or hearing it as the
background in movies or cartoons. Take time this
month to explore. Performing Arts Music offers a
sample of three pieces and you can find many
more on YouTube, Pandora, or even those extra
channels that come with a cable TV subscription.

Self-Care Awareness Month
Consider all the ways you care for yourself every
day in all of the eight dimensions of wellness.
Keep track of what you do every day and every
week. Pay attention to how you feel when you
challenge your mind, visit with friends, or spend
time outdoors. Plan to do more of what relieves
stress, provides meaning and purpose, and brings
a sense of peace.

Whole Grains Month
Adding whole grains to your regular diet has
proven health benefits. Whole grains have all the
original parts of the grain, whether that’s wheat,
oats, corn, or one of the many other grains. Learn
about how to tell if a product really is whole grain
and how to cook with whole grains.

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