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October 1, 2022 (Sent by Peggy Swarbrick. This is a publication of Collaborative Support Programs of NJ)

Monthly Celebrations for October Health

Literacy Month

Both individuals and organizations benefit from health literacy, which is the ability to find, understand, evaluate, and use information related to making decisions and taking action to improve and maintain health and wellness. Lower health literacy is associated with worse health outcomes, partly due to medication errors, less preventative care, and delays in seeking care. The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) cites a CDC report that “9 out of 10 adults struggle to understand and use health information when it is unfamiliar, complex, or jargon-filled.”

Visit the IHA website for suggestions of ways to learn about and to promote health literacy

National Reading Group Month
Join a reading group (in person or virtual) or start one that fits your interests. Many people tell us that
reading is an important contributor to intellectual wellness. Discussing what you read adds another
dimension! Learn more from the founders of this special month, the Women’s National Book Association, and get book lists, too!

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