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random acts of kindness

Random Act By a Peer Specialist: Part 5

One Year Less One Day

It is February 8 and a few updates have occurred since last written and documented by Jane Frederick, therapist for Ruth Haines. Ruth and Jane have been working together for almost a year due to Ruth being raped and her infant son Gabriel was beaten to death. However, Ruth does not remember much from that time period.

Also, Holly Stephens, Peer Specialist and her supervisor, Taylor Thompson are working with Police Officer Alex Grey to discuss ideas to find Ruth’s attacker. Always vigilant, Holly while assisting others, her main focus was Ruth. Over the past year, Holly has visited Ruth in various locations, including the hospital plus Generations Lodge Respite and Generations Community Residence where Ruth resides presently.

Today Holly scheduled a mental health day because she is emotionally drained from all that has transpired for this year. Although, she had taken four weeks in last year, this was the first day this year. She is very aware what tomorrow is, February 9, the night she met Ruth. During the day, Holly did fun things. During the afternoon, she went ice skating in the park, indulged with some ice cream, went to see a comedy movie and brought pizza home for dinner. For Ruth it was a day like most days. In the morning, she watched old TV game shows, did a group exercise with members of her community residence. After lunch she decided to take a walk to relax some and put on her headphones and listen to music till dinner. Unfortunately, Ruth does have many recollections of what happened a year ago. Tomorrow she has an appointment with Jane and a separate visit with Holly.

February 9, One Year Later

As usual Holly was out of bed by 6:30 am. She took a hot shower because a long, draining day was ahead for her.  By 9:00, Holly met two of clients and respective lawyers at the Lake Town County Court Building. One person was accused of throwing a rock through a sporting goods store window and taking money from the cash register. He is claiming innocent and knows who actually committed the crime. His case is scheduled for 9:30. The second case refers to a woman fighting back against her rapist and stabbing him. Time for her preliminary hearing is 11:30. Ironically the two have the same case manager who is on vacation; therefore, Holly was selected.

In the afternoon, Holly had two house visits at 200 and 330. At 5pm, she has a meeting with Ruth. After minor snow event of about an inch or two over this morning, it has turned cold and windy. Holly was taking Ruth to an appointment with a lawyer in the building where Holly used to work. When Ruth went to the fourth floor, Holly decided to go to the second floor and surprise her former supervisor, Steffie Green. Since the end of October, Steffie has been a Supervisor for Broadview Health Services. The two talked for a few minutes and arranged a lunch meeting for the 17th.

Things changed drastically when Holly walked down the corridor. At the door was shaking Ruth. Holly got a couple of chairs and Ruth began to spout out what occurred a year ago. All her memories of that day were beginning to crystallize. Furthermore, Ruth stated that was Holly who made calls so I could get into Generations Lodge the first time. Yes, Ruth I was there to assist. Also, you spoke with the clinic to get me an intake for the following morning. Ten minutes later, Ruth said she was exhausted and wanted to go back to her place. On route, Holly suggested she bring these thoughts to Jane in therapy. Ruth said she will.

More Memories For One, More Information For The Other

A few weeks later, Holly continues to work hard with a very busy work schedule assisting individuals on the road to recovery. According to her supervisor Taylor, she has a male friend that occasionally comes in the office to take her home. To this point, the two men have not met.

Ruth is still seeing Jane for therapy to put her life back together. There has been some additional memories, but none of Gabriel or the night she was attacked. February has turned into March and today on the 20th, spring begins. Doing part of her daily routine, Ruth takes a walk from her community residence into the village. Some of the store windows are reflecting the change in season. One place is scraping off the paint from the glass of snow scenes and the holidays of winter plus the manager stated there will be new paintings that will adorn them by April 1st.

In the corner of Ruth’s eyes she saw a suspicious man lurking across the street. She dipped into the diner to avoid him. It did not appear that he saw her. Tomorrow, Ruth goes to a mental health program and she will talk about this. Also, Marty house manager of Generations Lodge is scheduled and she will tell him. Although Ruth was scared inside, she was able to make it back home.

About an hour later, Marty arrived at Generations and Ruth talked about the incident. She stated that he appeared to be short or tall, very heavy with darkish hair. At every corner he stopped, held on the edge of the store, squatted slightly and looked around up, down several times as if he were expecting something to fall from the sky. When Ruth was finished, Marty asked if he could phone Officer Alex Grey or Jane, or Holly, but Ruth declined. She agreed that they be informed, but I am too tired tonight to see any of them.

Dinner tonight is at six and Ruth is scheduled to set the table for seven residents and three staff. Although, it is only little past four, she set the table anyway. She did not want to talk about earlier and was glad that there will be people around. When Ruth finished, she retired to her bedroom and rested till dinner.

Two days later, Ruth went into the village and ordered an extra cheese and mushroom slice at the pizza place. She faced toward the window and gazed outside. As she was finishing, she saw that man again, this  time he was on the same side of the street coming toward the pizza restaurant, but at least three blocks back. Ruth slowly left the restaurant and headed toward home.

That man is still beyond Ruth and basically do the same movements as the other day. Fortunately, she bumped into off-duty Officer Grey who took down her information and accompanied her a few blocks. No longer did she the man following her, so she was able to return to Generations safely. She thanked Officer Grey and smiled at him intensely.

New Memories and a New Breakthrough

On the following day, Ruth spoke to both Jane and Holly. A meeting was set amongst the three for 2pm, Monday. During the session Jane tried to get Ruth to think about who she saw. Her eyes were closed so Jane had Ruth dig deep in her mind. It did not help much, at least for this time. When her experience was over, Ruth said she would do this again.

Then, Jane brought Holly in the room and discussed (of course generally) how Ruth is progressing in therapy. Ruth said that Jane is still assisting with a variety of techniques to help me remember more and more. Added by Jane that Ruth has continued to make it easier for me. She is open to suggestions and ideas to help her. Holly was satisfied and left to see other consumers. Jane called for an insurance paid taxi to take Ruth home.

While Holly was Ruth, Taylor and Assistant Director, Karen Collins met the first candidate for the open Supervisor position. Her name was Anna Mancini, around 5 feet tall, high heels and quite heavy. She had olive complexion with dark brown eyes and grayish dark wavy hair. Anna had ten years’ experience in the field, three of which Supervisor for a children’s program in a neighboring town. Although Anna had not worked with Peers before, she talked a good game and was informed that there will be a second, if not a third interview.

A few days later, Officer Grey phoned Taylor wanting to talk with him. So, Taylor walked over to his secretary, Steve Washington to clear the rest of his schedule. Also, please try to get in touch with Holly and have her meet me at the Police station in an hour. Let me know what she said. Steve finished the letter he was working on, and then phoned Holly. She picked up and informed Steve that she will do her best. To complete everything, Steve phoned Taylor and informed him about Holly.

Waiting for Taylor to arrive, Officer Grey made room in his office. Fifteen minutes later Taylor was at the police station, and they began to talk not knowing if Holly was coming. Yesterday, a new witness named Bill Reynolds was interviewed and thinks he saw what transpired that night.

Minutes later Holly came into the office. Officer Grey continued. When Bill was asked why he did not come forward in almost a year. The witness claimed he was out the country and did not know that there was a rape and a murder. Last week, Bill returned to Lake Town and saw the notice in the newspaper and the local blog.

With that information, Office Grey and staff checked out some of what Bill said. So far, what he stated were accurate and that he was indeed out of the country for the entire year. As far as what Ruth has been telling me; however, we are still checking it out. ALSO, we have talked to some of the shop employees and many have collaborated. No one had gotten a good look or spoken with the mystery man. Let the memory live again.

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Howard Diamond is a Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island


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