October 15, 2022 by Howard Diamond

white baseball ball on brown leather baseball mitt
Photo by Steshka Willems on Pexels.com

Read about Fall Sports 2022 in a poem
Coming here without any fanfare
Arriving with no more than a low hum
All major sports combine and we will care.

Baseball just started their playoffs           
Both New York teams need to jell
Submitting lineups without being showoffs
To win the series they better play well

Football has our area teams doing great      
Both over .500 for first time in years
Too early to see that they really rate
Maybe this season will not end in tears.

Hockey will drop the pucks in a day or two
One of the locals made it to the round of four
Others making their fans cheer and not to boo
Applauding crowds are always looking for more.

Basketball opens with back to back games to play
A new year, a new season and a new story
Our squads each with an attitude to display
Can our teams return to their respective glory?

Fall Sports 2022 can be interesting and fun
Some teams around the leagues are pretenders
Whatever our preference the top will be won
The better clubs play each match as contenders.

Root, root for the teams we want to move up
Whether bad or good, we still can cheer
Trying to win the Lombardi Trophy, or Stanley Cup
Each group will compete without much fear.

Fall Sports come around every year
Always trying to be better than the rest
Showing prowess when they are here
This season like all we’ll try our best.

An Annual Fall Sports poem by Howard Diamond, a Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island

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