Kathy Hochul Becomes 1st Woman Elected NY Governor

November 9, 2022 (Reposted from NYAPRS ENews)

NYAPRS Note: Kathy Hochul achieved great national recognition last night when she was elected New York State’s first woman Governor. See below for details, as well as links to the outcomes of other statewide, NYS Senate and Assembly and US House races. US Senator Chuck Schumer was re-elected as well.

NYAPRS congratulates and greatly looks forward to continuing to work very closely with the Governor and her Administration.

Statewide races: 2022 New York Election Results | USA TODAY

US Congress: https://www.usatoday.com/elections/results/2022-11-08/us-house/new-york/

NYS Assembly: https://www.usatoday.com/elections/results/2022-11-08/state/new-york/lower/

NYS Senate: https://www.usatoday.com/elections/results/2022-11-08/state/new-york/upper/

Democrat Kathy Hochul Becomes 1st Woman Elected NY Governor

By MICHELLE L. PRICE, Associated Press – November 9, 2022

Democrat Kathy Hochul has become the first woman elected New York governor, winning the office outright that she took over in 2021 when former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned…

“Tonight you made your voices heard loud and clear. And, and you made me the first woman ever elected to be the governor of the state of New York. But I’m not here to make history, I’m here to make a difference,” Hochul told supporters Tuesday night.

“I have felt a weight on my shoulders to make sure that every little girl and all the women of the state who’ve had to bang up against glass ceilings everywhere they turn, to know that a woman could be elected in her own right and successfully govern a state as rough and tumble as New York.”

Hochul, a Buffalo native, had been expected to win in a state where there are more than twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans. New Yorkers haven’t elected a Republican as governor since Gov. George Pataki won a third term in 2002. But Zeldin made the race competitive, closing in on Hochul in the final weeks and appearing to spur her to speak more about public safety.

“It’s been a battle where we’ve been focused on ideals. We’ve been bringing our message without apology or regret,” Zeldin said at his election night party Tuesday. He took the stage before The Associated Press had called the race.

….As a nod to the history Hochul hoped to make as the first woman to be elected governor, she appeared at a rally days before the election with Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman to be elected to the country’s second-highest office, and Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be a major party’s presidential nominee and New York’s first female senator.

Hochul is among eight women who have won statewide elections in New York, a group she initially joined when she was elected lieutenant governor in 2014. She became the first woman to serve as governor when she took over for Cuomo.

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