Daniel’s Law: How It Could Transform NY MH Crisis Response

January 25, 2023 (Reposted from NYAPRS by Luke Sikiny

NYAPRS Note: NYAPRS joined other mental health advocates, criminal justice groups, and lawmakers at the NYS Capital yesterday to urge the legislature to pass Daniel’s Law this session. In a statement, NYAPRS Public Policy Director said that “Daniel’s Law will give New Yorkers in mental health crises an appropriate proven path to getting the help they need and deserve by addressing their mental health, substance use and related medical needs by providing people with immediate access to those who are best suited to help them: Peers and EMTs.

NYAPRS has long championed and demonstrated the extraordinary power and effectiveness of peers in supporting people through crisis. That’s why we worked so hard with Senator Brouk, Assemblymember Gunther and OMH in helping to craft peer led crisis stabilization centers.

Passage of Daniel’s Law will help divert people in acute states of distress from avoidable admissions and incarcerations…and terrible tragedies like the heartbreaking death of Daniel Prude in March 2020. It must be an essential step in New York’s new crisis continuum….along with the new 988 crisis line, the stabilization centers and respite centers.

Finally, it will be an essential measure to aid people and families in crisis and their communities…especially for communities of color who have utterly been failed by state and local mental health systems for generations.”

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