March, Lions and Lambs

by HOWARD DIAMOND  (March 31, 2023)

March, Lions and Lambs. Not quite the one third of the title of the song from the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz” named, “Lions, Tigers and Bears“. Oh My! This signifies the approaching of some of the characters entering a jungle and they are afraid of what they might find. Anxiety provoking. But there are many things that increase ourstress levels. Sometimes stress and anxiety can be positive and lead to a good and productive outcome.

Each word in our title can be a trigger of stress. Also, the a commonality that links them during the third month of the current Gregorian calendar. Generally, when someone like myself has had phobias, we are scared to March forward. In fact, the vast majority of us are fearful of walking out our front door. Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that might cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment. Over time it often develops panic attacks and moments of intense fear. When one suffers with a form of Agoraphobia often we associate panic attacks with the places or situations where fear occurs and ultimately avoids this.

Humans fear lions for good reasons. The king of the jungle also fears us. Newer research indicates that these huge cats often do not like encountering humans and bumping into us on hiking trails. Common events show that lions from the sound of human beings. In addition, it was found that lions less frequently return to their kills after hearing human sounds and subsequently reducing their feeding. What these studies show are particularly valuable as human development encroached on the lion habitat. Originally recorded by The Tokens in 1961, “The Lion Sleep Tonight“, depicts this concept. Now tell me, who is more anxious, human beings or lions? No worries, the lion will not tell us.

Most lions flee from human beings, even those who are on foot. However, an attack is a possibility plus knowing how as people to react by defending oneself, while saving our lives. Walking safaris are still relatively a newer concept for lions, and they still perceive us humans on foot a major threat to lions’ overall safety, and their well-being. Furthermore, a lion gets extremely nervous in people’s presence. NO LION TAMING WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING. Our lives and lions lives are very dependent on this.

On the other hand, lamb are generally cautious. They will rarely attack humans, and preferring to keep a safe distance. Most of the time, when that fails lamb tend to run away, especially in the wild. Also, they often become very defensive when they are cornered/mistreated which could lead to an extremely bad time for all engaged.

Despite the placid, even timid appearance, an encounter with any wild lamb can be terrifying for both. This is particularly true for each party, whoever has never seen or witnessed first hand the other. While cute when roaming around in a field or open land, fully grown sheep  (adult lamb), most often have a menacing or terrifying edge to them. An example is lamb’s eyes having a demonic gaze. So when being stared down by a lamb can cause an unwary reaction and either side to panic. BEWARE THE ADULT SHEEP AND THEIR YOUNG LAMB. It might just save any sort of injury or even perhaps, death.

Together, the lion and the lamb are a formidable pair. Appearing in literature, as far back as, “The Bible”, the two are important to human existence. Nice place to start here? What does everyone think? Okay now. Let us use the characteristics from each forming a vivid contrast of expectations and applying them in a quirky and metaphorical fashion. While the lion is known for strength and ferocity, the a lamb is regarded as a gentle and dependable creature. 

Director and Actor, Robert Redford produced the 2007 film, “Lions For Lambs“. It’s meaning alludes to incompetent leaders sending brave soldiers into the slaughter of a battle. Also, the movie takes aim at the U.S. government’s persecution of the wars in the Middle East. Although the story has nothing to do with either lions or lambs, Redford’s work is superb on many levels.

March is in the title of classical music pieces for both lions and for lambs. Camille Saint-Saens in his composition, “The Carnival of the Animals’-Royal March of the Lions” depicted lion sounds. Originally recorded in 1886 for a Mardi Gras festival and celebration. Perhaps Saint-Saens best known work consisting of 14 pieces scored for flute/piccolo, clarinet, xylophone amongst other instruments. Playfully borrowing themes from others, (including his own), he composed portraits of a lion, chicken, turtles and a variety of different animals, including the immensely popular swan. Regal and proud, when one listens closely, one can hear the sounds of a lion’s roar in the running scales of the piano.

On the other hand, Lambs have their own march. Written in 1914 by the March king, John Philip Sousa penned, “The Lambs’ March“. One of Sousa’s lesser-known gems, this intriguing and intricate march pieces is continually performed around the world today. Its content needs to be heard, enjoyed and appreciated by people everywhere marches are played. The refreshing melody is both tuneful and infectious. While not as difficult as many marches, it maintains that wonderful plus unique Sousa quality.

A proverb written by Thomas Fuller in 1732 has withstood the test of time. As one reads here,  it contains all three of our characters in our title. “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb“. Meteorologists use this saying to describe weather events in March. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this weather folklore stems from ancestral beliefs in balance. When the weather in March starts as bad, (roaring, like a roaring lion), the month needs to end with good weather, (gentle, like a lamb).

Be creative. Find many different ways to write about, a lion or discuss a lamb or find solace in the month of March plus the other eleven months. Whatever we choose, be strong as a lion or meek as a lamb, march proudly ahead now and always. Attempt to be confident in pursuit of mental and physical happiness. Strive to be a good person in conjunction with March having admirable plus honest qualities and maybe our lives and our planet will be better, too. Don’t we think personkind deserves this? I do! I do.

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Howard Diamond is a New York State Certified Peer from Long Island

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