Watch the Moving Celia Brown Unsung Champions of Advocacy Ceremony Here!

May 26, 2023 (By Harvey Rosenthal, CEO of NYAPRS)

The NYAPRS Cultural Competence Committee is very pleased to share the program and recorded version of this past Wednesday’s first annual Celia Brown Unsung Champions of Advocacy Event. In the words of the committee, “Awards were given to recognize individuals who serve our community with dedication and commitment, but whose work has gone unrecognized or unknown to the wider public. They have made an important difference and we wish to let them know. Let’s say their names and celebrate their contributions!”

Please see the attached program identifying this year’s Unsung Champions and watch the program at to experience this very moving and uplifting ceremony!  

Great thanks are due to Committee co-chairs Marguerite Gayle and Jeff McQueen and Committee members Theresa Hall, Laverne Miller, Digna Quinones, Dr. Deborah Wilcox, Joessie Otter and Magaly Polo for their inspiring contributions towards making this such a very heartfelt and inspiring event!

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