NYS OMH Celebrates Pride M.)onth!

June 16, 2023 (By Matthew Canuteson, Diversity and Inclusion Officer)

(See also NYAPRS Cultural Committee Statement and Gov. Hochul Funding for LGBTQ Community at the end of this article.)

While Pride Month is a month of celebration, it remains essential to recognize the impact high levels of discrimination, hate and stigma have on LGBTQIA+ communities. Specifically, we would like to highlight health consequences – noting they are compounded for especially vulnerable populations, such as people of color, youth, adolescents, and transgender/non-binary individuals.

The Progress Pride Flag Is Getting an Intersex-Inclusive Makeover | Them

Because of this, the Office of Mental Health is consistently implementing program and policy advances to address these additional challenges. These include funding training initiatives to ensure the provision of gender-affirming care in the community mental health system, the provision of specific and targeted funding to concretely address the unique mental health needs of these populations, and the provision of educational materials specific to LGBTQIA+ communities (below).

Creating Safe Spaces

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This work also includes funding the expansion of the amazing Trans 101: Creating a Safe and Affirming Environment for Transgender Consumers training, presented by the Rainbow Heights Club. The training, focused on how to affirm, support and work with mental health consumers who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming, reached over 3,000 NYS mental health providers last year.

Lastly, the Agency continues to advance efforts to adequately collect both quantitative and qualitative data on access, quality and treatment outcomes for LGBTQIA+ communities – to acknowledge, quantify and inform program and policy changes to improve overall service accessibility and quality.

This Pride Month, may you all join OMH in promoting equity for all!

Matthew Canuteson
Pronouns: He, Him, His
Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
New York State Office of Mental Health
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Albany, NY 12229

NYAPRS Statement

NYAPRS Note: The NYAPRS Cultural Competence Committee released the following statement in recognition and celebration of Pride Month. We are committed to fighting for the rights for all people in recovery, including those of us with diverse sexual and gender identities. Read the statement below.

(To download a copy, click here.)

Governor Hochul Invests 33 Million in the LGBTQ Community

To learn more, click here.

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