(July 10, 2023) by HOWARD DIAMOND

asian couple standing near hot dog stand on street
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For your JuIy reading pleasure,
Another poem, another story for us to treasure
A summer poem light and airy
One that is not at all scary.

It is full of tips to relax and enjoy
That are practical plus for us to employ
Be careful and have lots of fun
Wishing this season is never done

July will pack in thirty one days of heat
Hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken are there to eat
By the beach, by the lake or by the pool
Anyway that helps our body stay cool.

August has an additional thirty one days to sweat
Apply sunscreen all over otherwise sunburn we will get
At night perhaps an outdoor free concert
Licking soft serve ice cream for dessert.

A Summer Poem by Howard Diamond,
Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island,  New York 

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