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(July 11, 2023) Howard Diamond

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Safety is important all year long. During the course of this article we will focus on Summertime. This season we can have fun in the sun, but we also want to be sure it is also safe and healthy for our entire family. These sunny days of summer unfortunately, can be accompanied by serious dangers such as food poisoning, drowning, allergy attacks, heat-related illnesses, sunburns and stress of traveling.

Sun safety summer happens when we get too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV)rays, primarily from the sun, can cause skin damage leading toward the possibility of skin cancer. We must take precautions and use smart ways, like putting sunscreen all over our bodies with a significant protection number (SPF) at approximately thirty minutes before exposure to the sun. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours, thereafter. Putting on hats, sunglasses and clothes that having SPF ratings help protecting us against potentially harmful UV rays. In addition, limit our time in the sun, especially between 10am and 3pm.

In bicycle safety, different places have a variety of laws. In New York State, the requirement is that all children under fourteen (14) years of age wear an approved properly-fitted helmet while riding a bicycle or as a passenger. Also this is strongly recommended for everyone. All bicycles need to be equipped with a headlight and twilight, a bell and or horn, reflectors on the wheels and the brakes. Everyone please adhere to all the rules of the road and yield to all pedestrians. Let’s be careful and safe. 

There are two distinct types of water safety. They are beach and swimming pool.  Each has similar rules. In both, which is really, really, obvious, know how to swim and if you don’t please learn!  Secondly, always swim in close view of a lifeguard and be vigilant with his rules and regulations. Remember drowning is the second- leading cause of accidental, injury-related death of children under five.

At the beach, never swim alone. Beware of rip currents, which are powerful, channeled streams of water. This has the possibility of sweeping a swimmer away from the shore. If we are in doubt, do not enter the water at all. Safety first and err on the side of caution. In a pool, never leave a child out of eye-sight. Keep emergency equipment near the pool. Remove all toys after use, so children are not tempted to reach them while making sure children don’t fall in. This also applies for a spa or a hot tub.

For fireworks it is important to know that is illegal to buy, sell, or light and set of any fireworks, including sparklers. Over the last several years the rate of illness and death have skyrocketed. No pun intended. Sparklers and fireworks lead the way as the most frequent cause of injuries. Object is to have ten fingers and toes plus both our eyes intact and working properly. I want my ten fingers and ten toes, how about everyone else? Also, we can avoid a ride to an emergency room, rather than having a good time. We all can appreciate fireworks by one of the many of the these shows that are presented by local municipalities and towns run by licensed professionals. 

Traveling safely has its own pitfalls. When we drive a vehicle certain points become more relevant during the summer months, so I will name three of them. When the temperature rises, our air conditioning gets more usage increases plus it works harder. Second, summertime has proven to be especially harmful to children when it comes to vehicular heatstroke. And third, since we are in the car more often, check the belts and hoses plus more importantly the tires. 

Remember during summer days, to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Focus on cold water and fruit juices to help fluid consumption. Even though having many cups of cold soda keeps us cool, drinking other items may be a better option. Another possibility can be having fruit slices, such as oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon and pineapple. Once in awhile, pop a grape in our mouth for instant refreshment and a good amount of hydration.

During this article, we mentioned different techniques that can keep us safe during the summer days. Please try one, some or all of them and most importantly, have a safe and healthy summer. For me, I will try to do what is possible for me to accomplish. See you in the Newsletters and NewsBlogs. 

Howard Diamond is a Certified Peer Specialist from Long Island 

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